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Friday, February 10, 2012


Good news !!! I passed my JPJ TEST!! 
Wow! It wa a miracle! I cant event believed that I passed all the tests, including the hill, parking and on the road.
Im now a legal driver now! okay still i have to wait my License P to come out soon.
All the pain and suffering paid off. Thanks to all that had the strong believe that i will succeed!
Special thanks to all the students of ENCIK ARIF who are sporting and very fun to talk and not to forget my mom and my family that had pray for my success!
I love u guys so much 3X!!
I dont know how to say anymore, im soooo happy right know!
I PASSED MY JPJ TEST!! P come to mamam :)

here some proof just to show the JPJ TEST sheet


wow...its already month of February !! 
I haven't had the chance to update my blog. So, here is the start for this month post.
I was so busy practicing my driving skill.
I was the slowest and the most worst student in the driving school.
well? i never give up eventhough i got so many insult and scolded so many times too (!!) from my teachers especially when on the road.
But still i never put down my effort and strive my best.
I continued on training and training like my life depended on it ;)
I love driving, but im still new so theres thing that i might afraid of too :)   

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 18th birthday!!

Today was my 18th birthday!!! so what was i doing all day?
At midnight, Mom and Dad surprised me with my new RED CAMERA FLIP SAMSUNG!!
OMG!! I never believed my eyes that i actually holding my dream camera! :D
I was so happy, but i could not used it because i need to charged it first.
So, all day long i was alone in my house, waiting for some tine tiny surprise from whoever.

Nope. Nothing but my hopes didnt went down, im still hopping something good might happened.
Until dawn, there was nothing, just normal day at home, i was a bit down in the dumps today. 
I admitted that i want more, but just me and my mom. I was being mad, i felt so alone and no one seemed to be aware of my feeling. I want my family more than anything in the world.
I miss my dad who seldomly at home and my mom too not that im not seeing them for awhile, but still tomorrow they will on plane to Jakarta.

Because of my selfish  act, i had a small fight with mom. The reason was i felt so alone, i want to spend time with my family...huhu
After so many tears fall to the grown, we managed to calm down and i realized than my mom meant more than anything in my life. Despite all the lovely things she gave to me, i was so lucky to become her doughter.
What life without some arguments  hanging around right? :)
So, it end up, i have the most lovely night with my mom.. even though we only eat subway, but it does feel good indeed..heheh
That's all for today! Im 18 now!! ola!! :D 

Friday, January 27, 2012

On the road??

It was the bad bad bad experience i ever had.
I got scolded so badly by my driving instructor. He is very fierce than he looks! Almost like the story Mr Jackel and Mr Hyde. He was a fun person at first, but when it comes to driving, he change and became inhuman (in my view la :D )
I never thought that he would actually yelled like his throat was about to blow out.
People near by could hear his voice from such distance.
The early training was bearable, but when it was time to drive on the road , it was hard indeed!
I almost cried, but I stay strong and just calm myself rather than sobbing like a baby. 
He was furious! It was my first time on such a road like that, so way must he be so mad of me.
My friend, Wafa was frightened at the back sit. I'm sorry :P
Overall, it was a life experience indeed. I didn't take it badly but still i was shaking as if the temperature drop until 10 degree..heheheh.
He changed back to human when the training is over and became friendly to me and giving me tips too.
Tomorrow is my PRA UJIAN day..hope i didnt make mistake like today AMIN...
That's all...toodles! 
The instructor became human again

Thursday, January 26, 2012

can i?

Im feeling so stress out la. I want to do something for myself. What can that be? 
Im now like this chubby person ---->

but now i want to become like this------->, can i?? i really want to be thin than im now. Im not being ungrateful just wanna be beautiful only..huhu coz my bro said im not beautiful and no one will  like me..cruel enough? AAAARRRR!!! SO WHAT? IM USED TO BE FAT. I want to make a change in my life. I dont want this kwarshiokor like tummy...I want to be like girls from GIRLS GENERATION! HAHAH :D So, support me meh..ehhehe

That's all for today nonsense. XOXO

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Sorry for not updating my blog for soooo long :)
To be honest, i forgot that i actually have a blog.silly girl HAHAH

okay okay, i will update it from now, starting, NOW laa..HAHAH

23/1/2012-OMG! My bro birthday laa..but i didnt buy him anything. why? because he didnt buy me present. so,no present for you..ahahah :D We celebrated his birthday at Sushi king! (my dream) IOI Mall.

24/1/2012-We celebrated my bro's birthday again but this time at EAST COST MALL, Kuantan. Its was
                  my first time karaoke-ing with my family and not to forget my bro's lovely GIRLFRIEND (?)
                  Well, from the starts, she kinda okay la, lovely la, cute la, small la...must i continue ? u know
                  the drill right? heheh :P

That's all for this post, see ya later alligator ;)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another day of driving

Today, after back from Tapah, I have driving lesson.
It was horrid, i still making the same mistake...i hate it when the instructor made me nervous while driving....obviously i am right? This time i learned to control the car when there's a hill and started driving on the real road. It was kinda hard at first, but when i managed to control the clucth and the gear right, everything went well. Even though i was quite disappointed with myself, but what the heck right? Just drive like you want...RELAX IS THE MAIN KEY! ;D